The Bears Adventure Sport Society (BASS) was established to provide financial, organizational and equipment support for all sport specific BEARS programs (at present nordic skiing, biathlon, mountain biking and wilderness survival). This society provides the capacity to pool resources, and effort, and talent. The overarching structure provides the additional opportunity to involve kids in activities that they might otherwise not be able to, both in exposure and through support provided by BASS.

Sharing Resources

The intent of BASS is to assist with additional funding, events and financial support to improve programs: It provides a medium through which the biking and skiing clubs can share resources and common objectives.  This includes fundraising, sponsor engagement, annual activities (events), and implementation of large scale projects, providing youth the opportunity to participate in a lifetime of sport.

Building Capability

The focus of the BASS is to target growth opportunities such as; sourcing shared items for both clubs (e.g., race timing equipment); expensive capital items; and exciting new event productions. BASS does not provide programming activities or target operational costs. 

Providing Possibilities

BASS is committed to providing “scholarship” money to less fortunate athletes who may otherwise not be able to participate in sport.  Through partnership with youth charity organizations, BASS will give more kids a chance.