The Biathlon Program

The BEARS Biathlon Program is in its fourth year and teaches the skills required for the sport of biathlon. It is designed for kids ages 8 and older and is delivered through cooperation with Biathlon Alberta and the Alberta Biathlon Club

Goals of the Biathlon Program

  • Have FUN!
  • Introduce a variety and excitement into the skiing program
  • earn to handle and shoot rifles safely
  • Learn discipline and concentration
  • Begin and continue the development of skate skiing
  • Introduce youth to the excitement of biathlon competition

What BEARS do in Biathlon

Youth aged 8 or older are informally introduced to shooting during regular practice and limited recreational biathlon competition opportunities. The club uses highly specialized biathlon -specific .177 caliber pellet rifles. The rifles were donated to the BEARS via Alberta Biathlon support, a Lt. Governors Award, and Morgan Construction and Environmental sponsorship, for use in both the skiing programs and cycling events. As the youth get older and their skills and knowledge improve, skate-skiing and competitive biathlon elements are introduced. Starting in 2016, the BEARS first group of athletes will move up to full 22 caliber biathlon competition.