Cross Country Skiing & Sport background:

Cross Country skiing is my sport for life and I have skied every winter for over 30 years. My parents introduced me to the sport when I was five and I began trudging along behind them on a pair of red wooden skis my grandma bought me.  As a teenager I began going on ski expeditions around the farm and started my own trap line. I’ve skied in all conditions and love to breaking trail in unfamiliar terrain from the Peace River to the Rocky Mountains.

  • Have coached and instructed sport for over twenty years.
  • Have coached cross country skiing in Devon for the past three years
  • Certified Community Coach for Cross Country Skiing 

 I also have a competitive side as well and love skiing in loppets.  This year I will compete in my 6th Canadian Birkebeiner and hope to set a new personal best but will see, I have a few pounds to shed first.

Coaching Devon Nordic Bears:

I coach because I think skiing is the best family sport on earth. My hope is that my students will learn to love skiing as much as I do and perhaps ski the Canadian Birkebeiner at least once their life.