Cross Country Skiing & Sport background:

Coach Duane's first experience on ski's was almost 40 years ago, starting with being dragged behind the tractor on little red skis on the way to the cow pasture (watch out for steaming brown moguls!!) He then started using real cross country skis, and then took up downhill skiing.  When Duane started college, he continued with a life in sport by taking athletic therapy.  During college he was introduced to wilderness survival, back country travel, mountain biking, rock and ice climbing, winter wilderness survival and paddling.  His dad used to say he was the best educated camper he had ever seen. At the same time, Coach Duane got involved in coaching hockey and volleyball.  His love for sport and coaching led him into taking coaching courses through NCCP.  After this, he coached cross-country skiing for a number of years with Pembina Nordic Club.  During the winters, Duane enjoys getting out on the skis with his family and playing hockey.  During the summer, he loves camping, canoeing, fly fishing and mountain biking..

Duane pic


  • NCCP Level 3 Coaching Theory
    NCCP Hockey Level 1 (Competitive)
    NCCP Volleyball Level 1 (Competitive)
    NCCP Cross Country Skiing Level 1 (pre CC program)
    NCCP Cross Country Skiing ICC
    NCCP Cross Country Skiing Community Coaching

Coaching Devon Nordic Bears:

Duane started coaching cross country skiing in Devon when his oldest son was 4 years old, who is now ten.  He started helping Jon Silworski with the young Jack Rabbits, and together they became the loudest coaches west of Hudson Bay.  Since then, he has continued to coach Devon BEARS CX skiing using his four favourite teaching tools - mayhem, chaos, nature and FUN.