The GRIZZLIES Track Attack Program

The GRIZZLIES Track Attack Program is for skiers 10+ years of age. It is the next step after the Black Bear & Polar Bear Program. Children focus on advancing their skills in classic and skate skiing (Learn-to-Train LTAD equivalent). However, the primary focus for Track Attack is FUN. There are 3 days of scheduled practice for kids to choose from. The objective is for the participants to become technically competent cross-country skiers (skating and classic) and to utilize those skills to explore a wide range of cross-country ski activities, from backcountry excursions to ski tournaments and nordic and biathlon races.

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Goals of the GRIZZLIES

  • Have FUN.
  • Provide children an opportunity to be part of a sports “team.”
  • Develop overall sport skills.
  • Expose children to a variety of “adventure-based” cross-country ski activities.
  • Expose children to racing
  • Develop linear, lateral and multi directional speed. Develop a team/social atmosphere. 
  • Introduce competition in a team environment whenever possible. 
  • ncourage inter-club social, skill and fitness orientated ski activities e.g. camps


The Program provides veteran Jackrabbits with an opportunity to further develop their cross country skiing abilities beyond the 5 Levels in the regular Jackrabbits program. The Track Attack program can also help those with a competitive spirit that may want to experiment with intermediate competition. The program can help to bridge the gap between Jackrabbits and Junior Racing and Development.

  • Improve technique and skills
  • Improve physical condition
  • Introduction to competitive skiing
  • Development of agility, quickness, and directional change
  • Additional shooting development
  • Recreational informal team-based racing