The registration for the ski season is live on Zone 4!


The registration for the ski season is live on Zone 4!

See below for details!  Note regarding ages: for shooting and group decisions, we use your age as of the END of the season (March 31, 2017)


·        Thu, September 15, 2016   Registration Opens ZONE 4

·        Sun, October 16, 2016      TRAIL CLEANUP DAY

·        Sun, October 23, 2016      Orientation Day & ski swap

·        Sun, October 30, 2016      Dryland, range setup this week

·        Sun, November 06, 2016   Parent meeting & Biathlon Orientation


·        NEW NAMES! We have renamed the Bunnies and Jackrabbit Groups to be more consistent with the BEARS brand!  See below.  The program is still the CCC Jackrabbit Program, but the TEAM names are BEARS!

·        ADULT WILDERNESS SURVIVAL PROGRAM! At the request of the families, coaches and parents, we are opening up the Wolverines Survival and touring program to adults.  There was always a very strong demand by parents to join Kelly and do some touring and wilderness skills.  

·        As a result we will have TWO groups:

o   The Wolfpack: (Age 10-12) touring, a little wilderness skills, some loppets; a fun introductory wilderness and touring group

o   The Wolverines (Age 13+ and Adults) A more advance touring and wilderness survival group, lead by Kelly.

·        ADVANCED BIATHLON TRAINING! We have developed a partnership with The Quintilio family of Barrhead, both of whom competed at the Winter Olympics in biathlon, to run a training program for the BEARS that want to pursue the racing at a higher level.  It will be for BEARS 10 years or older, that have trained/raced at least one season, or at the coach’s discretion.  The Quintilios are charging a very nominal fee directly to those families who wish to pursue it.  We are making the program known to all interested BEARS, so that DNSC families know there is a true racing path set up if they so choose to pursue it once their kids have done it for a couple seasons and show a commitment to the sport.   There are limited spots (They have built a 10 lane range for 22’s and air rifles on their property).   A number of BEARS have already started training, as well as assisting with the development, fencing, and clearing of the trails. 

·        WEBSITE! The information you need is up on the website and Facebook!




Hey Bears Families, 
We are planning for a potluck after our ski on JANUARY 16th at Miquelon Lake. We will have access to a small kitchenette with coffee urns and a bit of counter space. We are planning to be eating around 2 pm. If you could please fill out the google form below indicating what you would be willing to bring, so we can make sure we have a large variety of foods. Also, it maybe cold that day so some warm dishes could well received.


More details to follow

Wednesday night classic ski is on!

Where:  Parking lot outside the park gate

When: 6:30 SHARP!!! To 7:30pm

What: Fun family classic ski: generally, we ask the kids where they want to go, and we just let them lead and make some miles!!


·        Headlamp is a must!   We are skiing primarily in the dark!

·        This is not a formal practice – we simply divide in to approximate groups and go for a ski

·        Bunnies, kids under 7, or very newer/slower skiers must be accompanied by a parent: we only have a couple coaches at these nights and they tend to go with their kids.

·        Dress warmer than you think.  The temperature always drops around that time, plus the valley is colder than in town.

·        Stick together – for safety, kids must not ski alone.

Skate skiing at Rabbit Tonight!

We have gotten permission to  skate ski at RABBIT HILL tonight!   While this is intended as a SKATE SKI session for Grizzlies group, if there are Wolverines or Wolf pack skiers or parents, that would like to come out and give it a try you are welcome!


DRESS warm – they are making snow so we may get snowed-on all night!  If you do not have skate skis let me know ASAP, with your weight, and maybe we can find something!

Mondays, Sundays, Parent meeting!

Monday Sessions start tomorrow! 

(For Grizzlies or any kids 10+ years looking for some extra fitness!)


Meet in the parking lot at the park entrance.

Bring headlamps, and come prepared with a core exercise you invented, found on the web whatever!

Parents are more than welcome to join!  Joel and Jeff will lead us in some core, some running, and some games.


Next Sunday is the parents meeting!  We will not have a dryland, but everyone in encouraged to come, hear what we have planned this year, and get to know the other club members!

Sunday Drylands run approximately 1 hour for bunnies, 1.5 hours  for everyone else.

Grizzly ski poles!  From now on, all grizzlies please bring your CLASSIC poles on Sundays.

DRYLAND Begins Sunday Nov 1st 1:30pm!

We'll do dryland every sunday down at the Lions Park chalet.  
Dryland is only 1 to 1.5 hours! (1:30-about 3)

Dress for the weather, and we will be on the trails, so for all but the Grizzlies (Racing), wear wet weather footwear when necessary.  Grizzlies should always dress for running.

Generally, we'll just keep going until there is enough snow to ski!

Sunday Nov 8th: Parent meeting, then range setup!