Well if you are a BEAR, there’s a good chance you woke up this morning, looked outside, and said YEEEHAAAAWW!

Because there is a good chance we will be skiing this Sunday!  However it's also going to be COOOOOLLLD!


SO: We will have a BUSY Sunday, so here’s the skinny:

1.    The Tuques are in!  All registered kids get one free with the program.  We’ll be handing them out this Sunday!

2.    We do not have the chalet until next week, but the adventure group will be a holding a very convenient fire-starting-in-wood-stove session in the Cookshack!

3.    SKI SHAKEDOWN:  (Approx. 1:30-2:00) It will be cold so we’ll keep it short: it’s just a chance to try the gear on without any time pressure.

a.    Try on your gear – make sure it fits

b.    Ask questions and get help with fit, clicking into bindings, what/how to wax

c.    Get some basic first-day tips (like how to get up if you fall down…it’s harder than it sounds…)

d.    Have some fun, try out your skis!

e.    We’ll have some informal “Stations” where coaches will be available to help you out or take you for a ski.

4.    PARENT’s MEETING: while we warm up in the heated cookshack!

5.    In return for the support that the town gives us every year, we help pick up all the Christmas-In-The Park candles  We will start this at about 3pm, should take approximately 30 mins.

Every year we have a lot of new faces or people trying on new gear.  We host this relaxed day so that you can try your stuff for the first time and not worry about missing your group or not being ready.

Enjoy yourself and please ask if there is anything you need!