BEARS for the WEEK of Dec 8-14

MONDAY: 6:30 Meet at parking lot outside gate – BRING HEADLAMP!

We will be having an informal fun ski this Monday, instead of skate practice, to give kids a chance to try out their skate skis, and to give kids who don’t have them yet a chance to get ready for next week.  All kids age 8+ welcome (or strong 7 yr olds) come on out and we’ll go for a short ski in the park.  Skate and or classic, whichever you like, and Parents encouraged to come along! Next week will be the first skate-specific practice.  BRING A HEADLAMP!


WEDNESDAY: 6:30 Meet at parking lots outside gate – BRING HEADLAMP!

Our first official Wednesday night ski!  These are the best.  We simply go do some miles in the dark, with the kids mostly deciding the route.  KIDS 7 and under must be accompanied by an adult, as it is anot a coached session, simply a big group ski and we tend to break up into about 3 groups of skiers.  All parents invited! BRING A HEADLAMP!



Now that we have actually seen most of the kids ski, we will be juggling groups to get the kids to where they’ll have the most fun and progress.  Thanks for your patience on our always-chaotic first day!  We will still be short a few coaches, but we plan to have more fined tuned groups!