The Devon Nordic BEARS Ski Program Pricing 

At BEARS, we aim to get as many kids excited about skiing as possible!  We price our programs at extremely affordable levels, and then work closely with sponsors and grant sources to offer the best program around.  


  • Bearcubs: $45

  • Black Bears & Polar Bears: $65

  • Wolfpack: $65

  • Grizzlies Biathlon Development Program: $65

  • Wolverines Wilderness Survival Program: $115

  • Ski rentals: $60 for the season (plus a refundable deposit of $300)

  • Bears Biathlon Race Team: $35 (just to be a member)

    • $35 (to be a member)

    • $250 Crazy Mare Ranch Fees

    • $260-750 (Approximately) to train in Edmonton

    • The combination amounts to approximately $750-$1000.