At BEARS, we work very hard to build a balanced team that is both skilled and fun.  There are many parents in our group that have great skiing, sport, and coaching experience, and we like to draw on that.  As well, we have a number of expert level coaches that we recruit to ensure that we are on track to deliver a quality program.  Our coaches understand that our ultimate objective is to ensure we develop both the skill AND the passion for skiing and the outdoors.  

Biathlon Range Team

In addition to our ski coaches, there is a knowledgeable team of parents that run the shooting range.  This is lead by certified Range Safety Officers (RSO), and assisted by the coaching team.   This team will ensure that the rifles are prepared, the range is safe and rules are followed, and that the kids are having fun and being safe each week.  We are always looking for help here, so don't be afraid to give a hand helping to assist kids, attend to equipment or cheer on the athletes