At Parkland Crazy Mare we will be following the Cross Country Canada ski program, as well as a new Biathlon Canada supported biathlon curriculum. While we are a small club, our Jackrabbit programs are set up in a way to maximize the kids learning and fun:

  1. All of our coaches are certified NCCP Ski and/or Biathlon Coaches and have extensive Provincial and/or National racing experience and successes.

  2. We teach both classic and skate technique, as specified by the CCC programs:

  3. We will introduce all forms of skiing opportunities, including wilderness exploration, racing, inter-club training camps, dryland training, utilization of a full ski-playground, and excursions to other ski areas to broaden kids experiences.

Bunnies & Jackrabbits Ski ProrGams (Age 4-7)


• Program will be capped at 10 kids

This is for children 4-7 years of age. The objective of the program is to introduce CLASSIC TECHNIQUE cross-country skiing through organized activity and active play. Kid will get the opportunity to ski, do some fun day trips to other local ski areas, and participate in introductory fun biathlon festival!

All of our coaches are certified coaches and are able to demonstrate true proper ski technique, and all have Provincial, National, or World cup racing experience.

Youth Biathlon Program (Age 8-13)



• Race waxing is provided

• Program will be capped at 10 kids

This group will primarily SKATE SKI, but we do expect to do some classic and attend some fun loppets or races for those that wish to.

This is for athletes aged 8-12. While we will focus on developing athletes for the race team, the primary focus is still FUN. Athletes are expected to take approximately 2-3 years to learn the skills necessary to join the race team at Crazy Mare Ranch. Athletes are not expected to race, but we will be attending races and supporting athletes that do go. (Coaching, race ski prep etc)

NOTE: for ski programs the ages are a guide, and we can be flexible depending on experience and skill. Additionally, the focus of all our programs is FUN! While we will focus on preparation for racing and providing proper, experienced, technically sound coaching: athletes are not required to race: they can simply enjoy the program and the outdoors with us at practice!


• Individual Membership…….$20

• Family Membership………….$40

• Kids Ski Program……………….$80

• Youth Biathlon………………..$100

• Classic Ski rentals (Kids Program)…….FREE

• Skate Ski rentals (Biathlon Program)..FREE