We Create and support fun and high performance programs for youth through Nordic skiing, Biathlon, BACK-COUNTRY SKIING, AND Mountain BikiNG.

We want to bring as many youth as possible into adventure sports; to foster in those youth a passion for outdoor adventure, by offering year-round, complimentary, outdoor activities that allow youth to target and achieve difficult and rewarding objectives.

In the beginning, we created and ran programs and events, such as the DNSC Bears ski and biathlon program, the Devon Bicycle Association Bears Sprockids mountain bike program, and events such as La Coppa Ski Festival. The DBA Sprockids program continues with the DBA, and has fluourished under the guidance of the DBA and Shift Happens Bicycle Shop. The DNSC has chosen to stop offering youth biathlon, ski race programs, or events. BASS will be continuing these programs under a new program in 2019-2020.

In addition, we fund, provide equipment, and/or create new programs and events, such as Ski-At-School programs at Devon schools, the Wizard Lake Winter Try-it festival, and the Devon Winter Festival.


We Support the devon nordic ski club’s skiing programs, including Cross-country, biathlon, and back-country survival

Mountain Biking

We support The Devon Bicycle Association runs the BEARs sprockids mountain bike programs. Visit tHEIr website to learn more!