The WOLFPACK program

    The WOLFPACK is designed for youth 10+ years of age.  The WOLFPACK was developed exclusively by BEARS to serve those athletes who wish to have fun and experience real challenges on skis but do not want to specialize too much in either of racing or wilderness skills: this is for the kids who want to try out a bit light touring and wilderness survival.  The objective is for youth to learn and demonstrate basic cross-country ski skills (both classic and skating) and fitness in a fun environment, without the constraints of a more focused program. Each week they will meet up and go for a guided, coached tour on skis.  We also encourage parents to join in the Wolfpack…if you can keep up!

Goals of The WOLFPACK

  • Have FUN!

  • Develop ABC’s. Agility, Balance, Coordination and speed

  • Utilize games and ski playgrounds to develop technique, speed skills and fitness

  • Develop a team/social atmosphere

  • Encourage inter-club social, skill and fitness orientated ski activities e.g. camps