This program is in its third year and is truly unique! It is designed to build skills and confidence through a focus on adventure skiing in the outdoors, in youth aged 13. The activities will be designed around learning to experience, survive, and enjoy the outdoors.  For example, kids will learn to read a map, prepare their own gear, and complete overnight treks.  NOTE: The Wolverines will tackle some challenging light touring objectives; participating in a minimum of two ski sessions per week in encouraged in order to be fit enough to enjoy the adventures!    

Goals of the WOLVERINES

  • Have FUN

  • Improve ski technique, strenghth, and endurance

  • Develop confidence and independence

  • Survival skills, such as fire making, route-finding, pack preparation, emergency training, and trail food preparation.

  • Additional adventure skills such a telemark skiing, night skiing, and trail-breaking

  • Help children develop an awareness and appreciation of our natural environment

  • Develop teamwork, leadership, and planning skills



In addition to skill development, athletes train for real back-country challenges.  Professional Wilderness Survival Instructor Kelly Harlton has developed a program that prepares athletes for a large year-end expedition.  In the first year of the program (2014), a small group of teens skied 16 tough km's uphill through a mountain valley, carrying full packs, through unbroken trail of fresh snow, to the back-country hut at Bryant Creek, where they stayed overnight and skied out in the morning.  It took a grueling 6 hours each way, but they persevered, marking the first of many epic BEARS Adventures.